Rain Proof Transformers

The Static device that transmits,distributes and utilize the Electrical energy.Our LED Transformers are high quality,commercial grade and built To last.They are ideal to be used with our LED Tape and LED StripLight range.our AC 230V to DC12V is a premium branded LEDSONE Transformer,built to last .Tried and tested for long life and reliability. LEDSONE’S transformers are ideal for use with multiple LED tape range.The LED Transformer can power any of LED tapes or other LED Lights..

The Rainproof transformers brings Safety performance, high reliability and safe production.These provides a high efficiency Using a low-power circuit design to ensure the stability of the power supply.There are some main Features of Rain proof Drivers.Rainproof drivers provides Anti-jamming performance, built-in anti-electromagnetic interference filter, control circuit stable work.

The input voltage is wide voltage range, in line with global standards.The primary insulation performance is good, high-frequency transformer 100% vacuum impregnation.Full load high temperature burner, 100% aging test.With over-temperature, over-voltage, overload, short circuit, protection.

These Rainproof Drivers protects the features in short circuit / overload / overvoltage / over temperature.The Applications of Rain Proof Transformers are,Monitoring equipment,LED luminous characters,Large screen LED panel.All kinds of advertising signs lighting.High power exposed lamp beads power supply.

We welcome your invitation to assist you in the development of our safety, most efficient and effective transaction to satisfy the needed requirements to stand up in the world.

Warning: The connection of LED transformers should always be carried out by a qualified technician. The applicable accident prevention regulations must be observed. To avoid electrical shock, turn off the power before working on the unit.