Waterproof DC12V IP67 150W LED Driver Power Supply Transformer

IP67 DC12V Waterproof Transformers

The Static electrical device that can be transferable between two or more circuits through electro magnetic induction.These transformers are used to increase/decrease the alternating voltages in electric power applications. LEDSONE , standsup by providing the transformers which are essential for the transmission,distribution and utilization of alternating Current ele

Waterproof DC12V IP67 120W LED Driver Power Supply Transformer

ctrical energy.

DC12V IP67 Waterproof Transformers are  high quality,commercial grade and built To last.They are ideal to be used with our LED Tape and LED StripLight range.DC12V IP67 Transformers Stands up with different features such as,overvoltage protection, short circuit protection and overload protection.

Ip67 Rated Waterproof transformers are Constant voltage output, to ensure the stability of the power supply.These transformer provides the anti-interference function, to ensure the long-life LED lamps.Theses transformers are specialised to use in the external environment .Especially in shallow water.

IP67 Waterproof Transformers are specially designed to use in LED Lamp or strip light.Its high quality and new power supply for 3825 5050 5630 3014 2835 7020 led strip Light,Wireless Router, ADSL Cats, HUB, Switches, Security Cameras. Audio/Video Power Supply etc,it is easy connection and simplicity to use.)

These Ip67 Transformers are ROHS Compliant and all covers two years warranty. We welcome your invitation to assist you in the development of our safety, most efficient and effective transaction to satisfy the needed requirements to stand up in the world.


Warning: The connection of LED transformers should always be carried out by a qualified technician. The applicable accident prevention regulations must be observed. To avoid electrical shock, turn off the power before working on the unit.

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