Constant Current Transformers


The Static Electrical device that varies the voltage across a load to maintain a constant electric current is the Constant Current Transformer. When a component is indicated to be driven by a constant current, the driver circuit is, in essence, a current regulator and must appear to the component as a current source of suitable reliability.

An important usage of constant current power supplies is with LEDs. While a high series resistance is sufficient to light an LED, sometimes the design needs to guard against high current (or risk burning out the LEDs).

Another use is in fluorescent lamps which have very dynamic electrical resistance and are optimally operated within a short range of currents. [2] Other uses include shielded metal arc welding and gas tungsten arc.

These Constant Current Transformers performs 100% High Quality. Using this LED driver instead of the existing low voltage transformer, it will double the life of the LED Strip Lights and Light Bulbs. These LED drivers/transformers are suitable for all MR11, MR16 LED bulbs and also most LED strip lights making sure the maximum wattage of the strip light does not exceed the maximum output power of the LED driver.

These Constant current Drivers Applications are,

Reliability Testing,Device Burn-in Test,HASS and IESNA LM-80 Applications,Energy Star Certification,Calibration Lamp Drive,DC Driven Lamps,Resistor Aging and Laser Diode DC Drive.

The constant-current transformer, usually called a regulator, has a movable secondary winding that automatically changes position to provide constant current for any load within its full-load rating. The balance point between coil weight and magnetic force may be adjusted to provide the desired output current.

To comply with all UK building regulations any electrical work should be carried out by a UK certified electrician.All electricity should beswitched off prior to any electrical work being carried out.Due to the reactive power often encountered in lamps, the transformers are always about 30-40% more selected.Usually, the transformer has 20% Power Loss.Please never exceed the maximum connected load.Due to the reactive power often encountered in lamps,the transformers are always about 30-40% more selected.

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Warning: The connection of LED transformers should always be carried out by a qualified technician. The applicable accident prevention regulations must be observed. To avoid electrical shock, turn off the power before working on the unit.